Message boards :

This is the message boards associated with our Eurasian FreedomEAN website. If you're Eurasian you're very welcome to register. Daily activity.

very inactive since a non Eurasian bought the board (check the story on FreedomEAN), but hopefully will resume after
it gets back to Eurasians. That was originally one of the very active Eurasian message boards. Still lots of people connecting daily.

This message board started at the same time than FreedomEAN. We had some kind of agreement, in order to split from the Eurasiannation original board. It closed down temporarily (still closed right now) beginning of 2011. Hopefully it will be back sooner or later. The story goes that once again, it got victimized by non EA trolling.

Also one of the original very active EA message boards. Dating back from the years 2002-2004. But still alive daily.

Eurasiannation on Facebook
Since the original Eurasiannation message board got 'kidnapped' lots of Eurasians moved on to Eurasiannation on Facebook. Discussion board active currently.

Websites :
So far the best compilation done by a single person to list material of interest for the Eurasians : books, movies, etc !
Liverpool Eurasians. A very interesting story of a small Eurasian group in Liverpool, in the middle of the 20th century.

Organizations :
The Singapor Eurasian Association. Probably a model for a Eurasian organization dedicated to help the Eurasians within a particular country ! Of course limited to the Singaporean Eurasians. 'Established 1919'.